Serve West Dallas Recognized by Excellence in Giving for Its Transparency

17th Apr 2017 | Written by: Lexie Okeke

Excellence in Giving recognizes transparency when charities communicate more about governance, finances strategy, and impact than the IRS requires. Each recognized charity has submitted 175 data points about operations and performance for donors to review. Serve West Dallas recently completed this rigorous process and was awarded the Excellence In Giving Certificate of Transparency.

Scott Hanson, Serve West Dallas’ Executive Director stated: "We are honored to receive this designation on behalf of our early-stage funders who risked investing in the vision of a cross-sector collaboration of West Dallas community organizations and leaders. This designation signifies our commitment to being wise stewards of the resources trusted to us."

The Transparency seal recipients voluntarily engage in an open and accountable relationship with donors. Debt levels, 3-year trends in number of people served, program results, strategic plans, and even an internal S.W.O.T. analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) are all shared. Two pages of Nonprofit Analytics reveal the challenges and successes an organization has experienced in its programs, operations, finances, and results. In a world where too many dishonest nonprofits have made headlines, the Transparency certification distinguishes a new breed of nonprofits committed to a higher standard.

Excellence in Giving commends every organization investing the time of multiple staff members to provide Nonprofit Analytics. It is no simple task to be transparent. It has required CEOs, CFOs, program directors, and development officers to work together to provide accurate and complete data.

Dr. Paul Penley, EIG's Director of Research stated, “Excellence in Giving values charities that go the extra mile to cultivate an open and accountable relationship with donors, providing our philanthropic firm with in-depth, accurate data on finances, strategy and impact. Excellence in Giving commends participating nonprofits with a transparency seal, signifying their commitment to honesty, and operating and performing at a higher standard. Our analytics platform not only enhances the giving process but connects high-performing nonprofits to high-capacity donors.”

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